Residential house, Ekaterinburg

Project: flooring with Italian marble Statuario extra.

Moscow Cathedral Mosque, Vypolzov lane 7

Project: cladding of Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Total volume – more than 2500 tons of complex decoration items of granite.

The multifunctional complex "Balchug Residence", Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya st., 31

A turnkey cladding of 5 buildings (supply of material, installation of ventilated sub-systems, installation of stone, preparing all documentation).

Shishas Sferum Bar, Novy Arbat 32

Project: cladding of pillars, pylons, bar counter and table top with marble Salomea

Apartment on Ostozhenka street, Moscow

Project: cladding of pillars and other architectural elements with onyx Bianco, local lighting

Central Olympic Square, Sochi

Project: square paving with a use of "Osnykovsky" labradorite, "Mansurovsky" granite and "Yuzhno-Sultaevsky" granite. The total volume of material - 47 155 m2

Nikolina gora, Sosny settlement

Project: swimming-pool cladding with "Chiaro al Verso" travertine

Housing complex "Dykhanye"

Project: cladding of 5 buildings entrance groups of the housing complex with black granite

Moscow Cathedral Mosque

Project: VIP-rooms interior finish

Cottage estate Park Ville

Project: a turnkey construction including the documentation development, cladding of 23 houses key ready, residential and public landscaping, cladding of 6 km enclosure and so on. The project required 3000 tons of decoration items made of sandstone, 7 500 m2 of granite items, 11 000 m2 of Flemish bricks.

The Jewish Religious and Cultural Center "Zhukovka"

Project: the supply of Jura Beidge stone for face cladding. The total volume of material - 75 tons.

The private company's office

Project: a turnkey face cladding using "Classic Light" travertine, "Noce" travertine, "Dymovskiy" granite and decorative elements of the architectural sandstone. The total volume of material - 1830 m2.

Private Residence, Cottage estate Korabelnie Sosny

Project: supply and assemblage of granite items and masonry veener. Project status: completed

Hotel Mercure Moscow Paveletskaya, Bahrushina 11

Project: face cladding with dolomite and granite China Green; total face area is 11 375 m2.

Moscow Cathedral Mosque

The supply of "Mansurovskiy" granite for an accomplishment the Moscow Cathedral Mosque's territory

Private apartment

Project: production and installation of agate panels with backlight

Nikolina gora, Sosny settlement

Project: mantelpiece of Rosewood marble with inlay of brass and Brazilian quartzite Copper Dune

Private residence, Sosny settlement

Project: cladding of porches and hallways with Brazilian quartzite Brown Chocolate in “Leather” coating, manufacturing of travertine decoration items (pilasters, lions, balls, vases), basement cladding with shale

Business Center, Malaya Pirogovskaya st.

Project: reception desk cladding with Imperador Dark marble and Nadura Gold granite

Nikolina gora, Sosny settlement

Project: hammam cladding with Brazilian granite Victoria Reggia

Medical center, Krylatskaya st., 19

Project: building socle cladding with "Silver" granite

Lermontov's Monument, Podolsk city

Project: facing the pedestal of the monument with Tan Brown granite

Nikolina gora, Sosny settlement

Project: the main bathroom cladding with Bidasar Brown (antique) and Travertino Navona

Housing complex "Barcelona"

Project: the supply of "Imperial Red" granite for the face cladding of the building

Cottage estate Nikologorskie Dachi

Project: face cladding with Antic Beige marble , shale and Tan Brown granite

Nemchinovka village

Nemchinovka village, construction - 2010

The Kremlin, interior garden of the Great Kremlin Palace

Project: walls cladding with Botticcino Fiorito, flooring with Crema Valencia, pilasters, planters and stairs with Bianco Pure, mantelpiece – Imperador Dark.

Cottage estate Park Ville

Project: landscaping of the cottage estate "Park Ville".The project required 3000 tons of decoration items made of sandstone, 7 500 m2 of granite items, 11 000 m2 of Flemish bricks.

The Fountain "The first ball of Natasha Rostova", Podolsk city

Project: The installation of the fountain systems, cladding with Tan Brown granite

Usovo, bar counter

Project: decoration of the bar counter with onyx Kilimanjaro and local lighting

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