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Professional services for the implementation of projects with natural stone turnkey:

  • project development
  • selection, production and delivery of the material in any volume
  • execution of installation and cladding works
  • preparation of all documents

One of our core values is a strong relationships with all our partners.We focus on long-term cooperation with our partners, and we comply with all the conditions are always on time and in full measure, it is one of the principles of our work and an important part of the company. When we are workind with architects and designers we develop a full set of working documents, checking all components and solutions, as an additional service. Thus, you can focus on the creative part and we professionally execute our engineering objectives in terms of natural stone.

Always on time

Our company has contacts with many European manufacturers and takes on the whole complex of import operations. The sales contract contains the final cost of materials, delivery time after the payment or delivery schedule, if the materials are supplied part by partly. Working with our company provides the customer a fair price, the predictability of the timing and professional approach to the import of a specific building material.

Production of any volumes

One more strength of "Author stone" company is a clever choice of capacities for the project. We manufacture simple and mass products close to quarry (that is the only way to ensure the selection and to optimize logistics). Complex products are made on a specialized manufacture (sometimes we transport blocks to another country). In addition we bring the reserve in blocks and blanks for each project. That gives the opportunity to always quickly finished the right amount.

Coordination with all participants of the project

Наши менеджеры регулярно выезжают на презентацию по запросу заказчика. На встрече выясняются дополнительные параметры, например, предпочтения по поверхности становятся понятными только при реальном визуальном осмотре разных вариантов. Идеальным и правильным шагом при подборе облицовочного решения является присутствие всех участников проекта — разработчика проекта, девелопера или инвестора, генерального подрядчика и исполнителя работ, каждый из них привносит своё суждение, в зависимости от решаемых задач и приоритета.

Address: Kutuzovskiy avenue 12, building 1
Phone: (495) 995 59 08
Work hours: 8.00 - 20.00,
except weekends
Address: 40233 Düsseldorf Gogrevestr. 8
Phone: +49 151 25869532, +49 151 72109544